Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lysefjorden Inn

This past weekend I had the privilege of running the first Lysefjorden Inn.  An ultramarathon that runs the length of Lysefjord starting in Oanes and ending in Lysebotn.  The route follows roads and trails along the northside of the fjord featuring some pretty rough terrain.  Thanks so much to Willy Steinskog and his crew for putting on an incredible event.

Here's an article on the Aftenbladet website.

Here are a few shots from the course.

About a mile from the start looking up the fjord.

Through the tunnel.

Beautiful section between and Preikestolen and Brattli

Descending into Bakken

Almost to Songesand

Boggy part 

Road to Lysebotn.
Here's my GPS data from the race.

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